How could an exemplary process look like?

When interest is expressed in the AERO PLACE services, existing customers refer to AERO PLACE. In an initial interview (usually by telephone) it will be evaluated as to whether a commission of AERO PLACE for the customer could be promising. Either a 1-2-day initial consultation / workshop is agreed to prepare a methodical treatment of problem areas. The goal is then to produce sustainable results as quickly as possible with as little effort at reasonable costs by taking advantage of existing market access for the customer.

In the Agreement is concluded: a NDA and a consulting contract, which includes the cost of the interested company and the duration of the consultation. The fees are regulated individually and usually include a element of success.

If the appointment is set to go beyond the one-day consultation (eg in-depth strategy development, recourse of other experts, assistance in trade fairs etc.), conditions are defined individually with AERO PLACE, the direct appointment of an expert is excluded in the initial-assignment.