What makes us unique


Experience, skill and market access are our success. Sustainable progress here must be affordable even for small and medium sized businesses.

Michael von Gizycki CEO AERO PLACE



… uses far-reaching, powerful networks within Europe and parts of the world to successfully represent your interests.

… stands in a performance bond with the AERO PLACEMENT GmbH and acquires, mediates the knowledge holders from the aerospace industry.
…has as a multi-layered reservoir at work willing and experienced experts.
… relies for implementing its own project assignments and consulting on his own employees and expert.
… has staff who without exception held executive positions at OEMs, suppliers and associations in Europe and North America. The experts come from the defense, aviation and space industry and other transportation industries. There are CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, Head of Development, Production, QA, strategy, M & A, etc.

… thinks practically and addresses with implementation-oriented specialists to companies who need useful and affordable solutions.


… supports the strategic and sales work that is necessary, especially for SMEs, with an acceptable price/performance ratio


… provides realizable and touchable results -> we know not only the world of the “big ones” but also the situation and needs of the supplier industry!